chloe977 (chloe977) wrote in vaginapagina,

Does anybody know anything about Group B Strep?

Hi again! I've posted a few times about discomfort down below since April and I've spectacled that it may be a number of things such as a Yeast Infection - which I tried to treat, but nothing helped, and BV.

I actually thought it was BV and I had tests done but I misunderstood the nurse. The tests actually came back positive for Group B Strep, which isn't normally concerning in non-pregnant women but I was treated with Amoxicillin for five days anyway. I was on my period when I took the antibiotics (this is also when my symptoms seem to disappear) and I was confident this was going to be the end of everything. Three days after my period ended, the discharge and irritation was back.

The doctor said it could be normal and be a hormonal thing, but would that also cause irritation, soreness and burning? Is it normal to soak through your trousers? I went back to the doctor for another look and she was going to do a PH test on the discharge, but she said there wasn't any discharge to test, which confused me because I felt very wet, she did another swab test anyway and I have to wait till next week for the results. I feel so damp and sticky down below, I really don't feel clean and it's really getting me down.

I'm not in anyway sexually active, but I'm very close to one boy at the moment and I think I'm nearing a relationship, I want to be able to have sex at some point but I'm worried I won't be able to because of whatever is going on with me.

Does anyone know if this could be caused by Strep B? or have any experience with it? It's hard to find anything about it that doesn't relate to pregnancy. I'm feeling so upset about this and I feel like I'm getting nowhere.

Thank you!
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