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Random questions; BV, paraguard, cramping.

So... I'm almost at a loss. I'm so tired of dealing with vaginal problems. I always have to some degree, but the past year has been pretty relentless and I'm ready for a break. Things were actually normal from March-May, but that didn't last long. I'll try to keep this short, but basically:

I've been on antibiotics for... 8 months now. Started December 14th. I did 2 month round last summer, and then I did a round in September. I have a strep issue, an autoimmune thing. I have had it for awhile, but it was just recently this past year addressed by doctors. Basically, it was causing me to have horrible panic attacks, depression, fatigue, bouts of terrible sickness. The strep was rampant in my body, my immune system was attacking my brain instead of the strep so it was just growing stronger. The only way to fix it that we could think of, or the first option, was long-term antibiotics. I was not happy about it, but that was the only way for my immune system to get strong enough to fight the strep. And it worked. I haven't had a severe panic attack since December, and things have really, really improved. However, I think I am at the point where I may be able to go off of them, especially because they're affecting me so negatively. I DO take probiotics, every day, twice a day, at a high dose, and have since the beginning. At this point it doesn't seem to be helping.

I've had a yeast infection every month since May, right before my period. I had one in February, I had one in November, I had one in October, I had one last summer during the 2 month course of antibiotics, WHILE I had a UTI. Another contributor was birth control. Before I was on the antibiotics again, my yeast infections in October and November I can DEFINITELY contribute to the Depo shot. I got it in September and it fucked everything up for me, emotionally and hormonally, and physically! I didn't realize it, though, until after I got my second one in November. Then things were really apparent. In February when I was suppose to get my 3rd, I got a copper IUD instead. Which was AWESOME, but then it ejected itself after my 2nd period with it. Then I tried the NuvaRing, didn't get my period for almost 2 months, got a yeast infection (on Depo I didn't get periods either, which I think is why I got yeast infections too? Or part of it), took it out after a month and a half and then was approved by insurance for another IUD. So I got one, in early June, have had slightly irregular periods since then, but I've had them, and they've definitely been intensified from the IUD, but I've ALWAYS had bad periods. The strange thing is, with my first IUD, I had hardly any cramps at all.

Anyway... here I am. I have had my second IUD for two months and successfully made it through two periods keeping it in tact. I love it and I really want it to work out for me. However, I'm at my wits end with infections. I may be going off antibiotics as soon as this week, and that may help a lot, but I'm worried it won't. I'm visiting my long distance boyfriend right now, we had our anniversary two days ago, and have had a lot of sex. As of today, I can smell a fishy smell down there, or at least I did after I itched myself. And I'm like, GREAT. NOW BV?! SERIOUSLY? I CANNOT afford anymore antibiotics in my system. I'm hoping it goes away on it's own and is just there from having three nights in a row of pretty intense, sometimes rough, sex. It's only the smell, I have absolutely no other symptoms. I don't even visibly see any extra discharge, no itching except for the regular old itch here and there which we all get, I believe.

However... I'm just concerned. What if I've had it longer than this? Can that affect my IUD? Could it cause PID? My last period was UNBEARABLE cramp wise. It's been over for almost a week now, and I still have cramps. I was napping today and woke up to severe cramping, which doesn't happen that much, even through my horrible periods I've had for 13 years. It's also localized to the right side mostly. It's not constant though. I just don't get why I'm still cramping more than just a little bit off of my period. I'm worried about that, along with the BV. After my period in July, which was bad but not as bad as August's, I didn't cramp at all except for a few days leading up to my next period. I've checked my IUD, and I can feel the strings, and everything seems to be in place normally.

Also, I do have endometriosis. I've had messed up periods my whole life. One time I didn't get it for 9 months, for no apparent reason, following a 3 month long period. This was a few years ago. No doctors ever figured out why. AND I've been having a lot of hip pain recently, and lower back pain, that I can't seem to figure out where it's coming from, but I am suspicious it may be linked to Endo or something else in my pelvic/reproductive region... I'm JUST AT A LOSS!! I want to be normal when it comes to my reproductive system. And I want to have sex with no worries. I have been sexually assaulted, and I've read that that can increase one having reproductive issues but I don't know the validity of that.

So, now that I've ranted (I'm sorry if this is too long, don't know where else to post), here are my main questions:
- If it is BV, very early, could it clear up on it's own? Would hot baths help at all? I've read that online.
- If it is BV, should I not have sex? Could I give it to my boyfriend, and he give it back to me? If the smell goes away in a few days, I'd like to have more sex, because I'm leaving soon and we only see each other every couple of weeks.
- If it is BV, can that mess with me because of my IUD?
- After reading, does anyone have any advice for me? Any ideas?

Thank you for reading, and I'm sorry it's so long and for ranting!
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