Fly with me, stay free, silverwing! (silverwing84) wrote in vaginapagina,
Fly with me, stay free, silverwing!

Unexpected vaginal bleeding/spotting from stimulation?

I'm really freaking out and don't know what happened.

So, for some background info I'm a fairly healthy 30-year-old. I've had regular periods for the past year, every 4-5 weeks and lasting 3-4 days. I'm not on any BC at all-- no pills, no IUD. I have only one sporadic partner right now and we use condoms. We last had sex a week and a half ago then I got my period on Thursday, stopped bleeding Saturday.

so everything's total normal until this afternoon when I, er, double-clicked the mouse. I do it easily 2-4 times a day when I'm not on my period and nothing's ever happened from it. Until today. I get off and suddenly freak out because my hand's covered in blood.

Not that dark, goopy menstrual blood that has a certain odor. No it was blood blood. It had the same color and consistency as the time I almost tore my shin open skateboarding. I wondered if it was my period coming back but I haven't had cramps since Friday. I thought the bleeding just stopped but then I was peeing out a trace amount of blood later, 4 hours later and I've had to go through two maxi pads.

I tried booking an appointment through Zocdoc to see a gyno tomorrow afternoon and haven't received a confirmation yet. But I'm totally freaking out because I don't know what could be causing it. Especially since I've done various searches on "vaginal bleeding after masturbation" and "vaginal bleeding after clitoral stimulation" and am not coming up with anything that applies to me: like I said, I'm not on any pills-- at all. I take zero medications save for multivitamins. No IUDs or hormonal birth control as I know those can cause bleeding.

I didn't push my fingers inside, no toys at all let alone anything involving insertion. I don't even use tampons. Nothing involving a loose or jagged fingernail, even if that were the case I don't think I'd still be spotting HOURS later.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Or heard about it? Why would a clitoral orgasm suddenly cause a ton of bleeding when I've done it all the time with nothing happening for several years?
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