emmakitty (emmakitty) wrote in vaginapagina,

Does this look like genital herpes?

So I have these bumps on my vulva; they look a lot (to me) like ingrown hairs or some other benign thing, like fordyce spots. I've gotten bumps (that I'm pretty sure were fordyce spots) on my vulva before. They are (and have in the past) been just like ingrown hairs or pimples; I could "pop" them and whether I did that or not, they usually went away in just a few days.

I googled these earlier tonight and now I'm super paranoid that I have genital herpes. Realistically, I don't think that's what these are, but I wanted to check with you lovely peeps to see if anyone has any advice. I would like to see a doctor to discuss it, but I'm having some issues with my insurance and I know by the time I make the appointment, the spots will be gone.

Reasons I think these aren't herpes: they're not clusters of blister, just individual spots like pimples; they have a clear discharge when popped, not yellow or green; they're not painful in the slightest unless I'm squeezing them really hard; I've gotten similar spots before and they went away after a few days, not weeks; it's been about a week since I last shaved my vulva so now would be the time I saw ingrown hairs based on previous hair experience; if I don't squeeze and pop them on my own, they won't pop or form a crust, they just go away.

Reasons I'm afraid these might be genital herpes: they're weird and on my vulva; I've had unprotected sex with non-monogamous partners before (which was not a finer moment of mine, but I can't exactly take that back now); it's been awhile since I got STI tested (the plan is to get tested as soon as my HR department tell my insurance company that I actually do have their insurance and can go to the doctor).

I'm including a picture for reference, if that helps. I think I really just need some peace of mind -- I was hoping to have sex with my current sexy times partner, with whom I am not monogamous but with whom I also always use condoms (for PIV sex), in a day or two. Help me, VP, you're my only hope!

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