smallestblair (smallestblair) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast Infection?

Hi, me again. :L

I might as well just list the stuff:
(I'm 16)
My boyfriend and I are sexually active, but my mum doesn't know that at all. And I've read that yeast infection can be passed back and fourth but he doesn't have any symptoms, and if he does then he isn't showing...

My diet and sleeping routine is a mess, because I'm currently on holiday, and have been since the yeast infections started.

I've taken two types of medicines for it, oral pills BUT I also know it doesn't cure the infection, just hides it for a bit so you can buy more...

I wear skinny jeans a lot but I do wear cotton underpants, and I shave my vagina but only the lips.

My mum said I should go to the doctor, which is what I wanted to do since the first one, but currently I don't even have the right discharge, and it's not itchy, so can I even say it's a yeast infection? It just has the same odour and instead of the blobs of green/yellow discharge it's white and sometimes watery, but then again I see discharge that looks like little bits of wet toilet paper?

Is this common? I know yeast infections aren't normally serious, but it can be a sign of some other serious health problem like diabetes? Can anyone help?

Also, at the doctor what would the ask/do? I have some very old self harm scars that you can see visibally, would they see? And since I'm 16, living in the UK would they tell my mum?
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