Sparticus Copernicus (crazycopernicus) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sparticus Copernicus

Stopping Yaz after 13 years--How will my body know to stop bleeding without cue from BCP?

Hello, I wrote a post a couple of weeks back about how I would be stopping Yaz after 13 years on BCPs. Well, I stopped at the end of my pill pack and got my monthly "period" as usual, but the bleeding doesn't seem to be coming to an end as it usually does after a few days. I wonder how my body will "know" to stop the bleeding without me starting a new pack of active pills. Last time I tried to stop taking hormonal birth control in 2009, my (somewhat heavy) bleeding didn't stop for 20 days, so I started the pills back up again. So, I'm a little bit worried. Is there anything I can do? What are your thoughts on why this is happening? I've just returned to the US after living in Japan for a few years, so don't have health insurance yet to see a gynecologist. My mom's a doctor but she loves fear mongering, so I don't want to turn to her about it.

How will my body "know" to stop the bleeding when it's used to going off of the cue from starting the active pills up again? Sorry for the silly questions.

Thank you.
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