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Maybe Baby?Pregnancy Test Said No, but...

Hi everyone!
I don't even know how to write this but I'm in need of a second hand before going to a doctor, and i know this so terrible, is just I can't afford doing lab tests and they coming negative(sorry, i know it sounds even worse! But please don't shame me for that, I know how some women in these pregnancy forums are and that made me extremely scared to post in one, but I need answers.)
The thing is last week i completed 2 weeks late and decided to buy a First Response Pregnancy Test Kit. Did one at night time, because i was extremely anxious for being pregnant, but it came negative. Went to sleep feeling really embarrassed because I alerted some people of my close family(my mom and hubby's brother and dad). Then in the next morning I did another one, which once again was negative.
This was on Sunday, and is almost wednesday, and still I don't have any period.

What I do have are the following(to help you guys understand):

- Blodd PRessure of 104/70 with pulse of 109, which is really low for me, I never seen those numbers before
- Acne EVERYWHERE, shoulders, back, and specially my face
- Also two red rashes under my lips, and they are painful!
- I'm constantly exhausted, today I wasn't able to get out of the bed
- I have been spotting so little in color pink
- Painful pintched pain in my right side of my hips, on the back, sometimes I get stuck in a place and I can't walk for a few minutes, the pain goes down till my right knee.
- A little bit of cramps, mostly on the right side, very feel times on the left side
- I'm dizzy sometimes too

My profile:
26 years old, I'm a very active person, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was a teen, and two years ago diagnosed with endometriosis.

The thing is period is not coming down and I never spotted before period, and I just want to be more heartbroken and hear one more time I'm not pregnant, why is my body acting like this? Giving all the signals of pregnancy! Are Pregnancy Test Kits really accurrate? I chose First Response because I read lots of reviews. Should I do another this comming weeken?
I truly hope is a baby, my husband wants too! We've been trying since last year, but unsuccessfully because I have PCOS and Endometriosis, but I know some women can get pregnant with these conditions, but with both together, wouldn't that be almost impossible?
I'd be happy if all this pain my boddy is passing through is a baby! I would do anything for a child!!
Thanks for your time reading! I truly appreciate!
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