smallestblair (smallestblair) wrote in vaginapagina,

Is this normal discharge? (detailed)

(((Sorry I post on this so much...)))

So two days ago, maybe, I thought I had the starting symptoms of yeast infection (the clumpy discharge) but now it's gone and replaced with clear, non stretchy discharge that dries quickly? On toilet paper it looks like the discharge you get when you're sexually aroused but I'm not. I can't identify the odour, it doesn't seem to have one, and if it does then it's really weak... My period normally comes around the 20th - 28th of each month, sometimes earlier and sometimes later than that date but those are the numbers I can remember most.

My stomach also feels bloated, kind of? I don't know what this all means, and I've bothered my mum enough with all these issues I ask her about "normal" vaginas.

Any help on what what this is, if I need help, if I should drink more water or literally anything like that would be so so helpful! 
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