Gang of Centaurs (rockstarbob) wrote in vaginapagina,
Gang of Centaurs

[VP Team Post] What to do with VP on LJ?

Hello, Superstars!

The maintainer team is in a bit of a bind. It's been affecting our ability to be effective caretakers of VP on LJ and we wanted to check in with the membership at large to see how everyone would ideally like to see it addressed.

VP has a long history on LJ dating back to 2001, and there's a lot about it that works very well for people. Unfortunately, however, the maintainer team has found that taking care of the space has become unsustainable. Most of this centers around the increasing irrelavance/anachronism of LJ, and the inability to integrate LJ into our lives in the same way as other platforms like FB due to the lack of easy mobile access and maintainer tools.

We made a promise to VP-on-LJers that we would curate a safer space and we have been unable to do that to the degree that the community deserves. Now that we've been open about the dire straits we're in, we want to offer what we see as two possible paths forward. Your input in the poll and in the comments to this post would be so very appreciated!

Option A: Close down VP on LJ entirely, with a very open-armed invitation to the FB group (and other VP spaces as we are able to curate them).

Option B: Let VP on LJ continue to exist alongside our other spaces, but with the awareness that maintainers are not super available to help. This translates to us ideally "driving by" every day or so, but can sometimes mean there are chunks of time when VP on LJ will be effectively unmoderated--that is, we are either unable to check in, checking in but unable to read closely or carefully, and/or are unable to take immediate action. We want to be honest with everyone that sometimes this may be the best we can do. Obviously it will require updating our safer space policy to reflect as much.

Poll #2019227 VP on LJ Fate

What should we do with VP on LJ going forward?

Close down VP on LJ entirely and redirect activity to our other VP spaces (like FB, etc.).
Let VP on LJ continue but with very little curation (see details in post).
Other (I'll explain in the comments)

We feel we're at a bit of a crossroads and your input will really help us figure out which way to go. Thanks so much. <3

--Tasha/rockstarbob, on behalf of the VP Team
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