inktrock (inktrock) wrote in vaginapagina,

Small scab/crust on pigment spot on breast

Hi everyone,

A few years ago a sort of spot appeared on the lower side of my breast and dermatologist said it was a pigment spot (not sure if this is the correct English term for it since English isn't my first language). A few months ago I noticed there is a small dark brown spot which resembles a scab/crust in the middle of that much lighter spot. The first time I tried to peel it off, I thought I had succeeded without doing any harm. But the next time I checked it was there again, and upon peeling it off again, I bled a little. Should I be concerned or is this just an extension of my pigment spot? Or should I go and see the dermatologist again? I've never been bothered by the tiny scab, meaning it's never itchy or irritated. The bleeding only happened when I forcefully removed it.

Thank you in advance!
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