lisak97 (lisak97) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can a yeast infection cause this? (Pictures NSFW)

Hi everyone, so lately I've been having trouble with a stubborn yeast infection, I have all the usual symptoms, discharge, itching, soreness, etc... But I've also noticed my labia has came out in little bumps and it's extremely dry. My labia was a smooth texture before and now it's lumpy and rough.

I've tried looking online for answers but I just end up scaring myself with STD worries, I'm not sexually active, nor had any intimate contact in which I could contract anything but the worry is still there.

Does this look like something that could be caused by a yeast infection? Or could it be something else? I'm really concerned and quite sad because I was happy with the way my labia looked, now I'm worried that I'll be stuck with all these bumps!

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