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help please!

I went to the doctor last Thursday 7/30 for what I assumed to be a vaginal yeast infection, itching and burning with white discharge that started that Monday. She said she saw what appeared to be yeast and gave me 2 150mg fluconazole pills. One to take that day and one to take 3 days later. Cut to today 8/4 and the symptoms still have not gone away and I'm now experiencing cervical & urethral pain. The irritation while peeing has gone away since day 2 of the first pill though. It no longer hurts to pee yay!

I've done the worst thing one can do and tried to Dr. Google myself. Basically I've convinced myself I got herpes 2 years ago and am just now having an outbreak without any visible blisters or sores.

I've been in a faithful relationship the past 2 years and the last sexual contact before my current partner was giving oral. The person didn't have any obvious sores (and no reason for me to think he had herpes) and I never had an oral outbreak.

Basically I would love to know what you lovely people think it could be.... BV, resistant yeast infection. You are always honest.

P.s. I will be calling doctor tomorrow to schedule something for a culture.

Also, as a sidenote my partner gets tested every year for herpes and hiv due to the health risks associated with his job and has never come up positive.

And we were both tested for chlamydia, ghonorrea, and trichamosis before sleeping together some 2 years ago both came back negative.
Update 11/5/15 6:05 a.m.: I am experiencing tingling in the outer lips of my vagina. I looked downstairs again and everything looks normal. The outside doesn't even appear to be irritated. No bumps,sores. I checked my cervix and there are a couple bumps on there(but I've normally got bumps on it) nothing was sensitive to the just hurts! I have discharge the consistency of Greek yogurt almost.

Is it possible I'm stressing myself out so much I'm creating phantom symptoms?
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