Lisa (lovelife) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missed period

Hi everyone,

I've missed my withdrawal bleed/period for the first time since being on Sprintec for the past 4 years. I should've started over week ago and feel like I'm on it but no blood. My back hurts & I've had minor cramps for almost 8 days.

The last time I had sex was in April and we used a condom. I've had 3 withdrawal bleeds since. I've noticed this year that my bleeds have lessened compared to last year. Of course, my automatic fear was pregnancy but between birth control & a condom, I doubt that is the case.

I'm 36, overweight & have been pretty active up until two months ago when I had a sprain & was unable to do my usual workouts.

Any ideas what could be causing period symptoms with no period?
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