s (flatteries) wrote in vaginapagina,

Recurring BV

Hello all,

So I have BV, and after reading much about it online I've decided to use boric acid suppositories as well as Jarrow Fem-Dophilus probiotics for treatment. I used both in conjuction for about two weeks with great results, however, about a week before my period I felt like everything got off balance. I continued to take the probiotics and use the boric acid for a few more days but I could tell it was just not the same. Now, I have just finished my period and am about to restart the boric acid+probiotic cycle but what I'm wondering is, if this is going to happen once a month and render the results useless then is there anything I can do/use that won't allow my period to mess up any progress I have made? I was feeling so great for a few weeks but I was honestly disheartened when I felt it coming back. BV is such a pain. If you've used any treatments you've found helpful, please, do let me know. Thank you all so much.
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