winterraindrop (winterraindrop) wrote in vaginapagina,

Am I protected

Hi VPers,

I have received excellent advice in the past, so thank you in advance.

Background: I take Levora and stack my pills. I skipped from the 19-24 in order to get my withdrawal bleed.

I may have accidentally skipped my pill on Monday night (I had 5 pills left in the old pack and forgot to change the sticker with the days). If I count backwards I think I'm ok, but I don't remember taking it, so I am considering it skipped.

That would only be one day, so I know I would be protected. However, on Sunday I woke up with the flu and vomited during the night. I know it was at leeway three hours after I took my pill.

Since these happened in the same week, I am nervous. Do I need to use a backup method. I normally rely fully on birth control.
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