KarenOh (karenoh) wrote in vaginapagina,

Less bleeding/pain with Paragard second time around?

I posted a while back in search of non-hormonal birth control options.

I've scheduled an appointment for a Paragard IUD insertion on Wednesday at Planned Parenthood - I'm hoping my insurance will cover it now thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

My partner and I are both pretty comfortable with withdrawal, but I feel like it would be irresponsible to use withdrawal as our primary method of birth control -- largely because of the bad rap it gets. My partner and I are very careful about pulling out in time and peeing in between if we're going to have PIV sex more than once.

However, I'm going to try the IUD again because of its substantially higher effectiveness rating.

So, my question: Has anyone gotten a copper IUD inserted for a second time, and found they experienced less bleeding and cramping than the first time?

I'm hoping my uterus might already be "primed" for an IUD, but that doesn't really make too much sense...

NB: I removed my first IUD because I did not need it; it did not expel.

EDITED TO ADD: Do any other folks with a Paragard have a handy list of the supplements that have worked for them? I've ordered some Vitamin E, and I'll load up on ibuprofen. Interested in a reminder of what has worked for others, though.
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