jade2896 (jade2896) wrote in vaginapagina,

Itchy vulva / anus. Lichen Simplex Chronicus?

So im reporting back, i went back to see my specialist she did another yeast culture and found nothing. but IM STILL ITCHY im about to go crazy. She told me she was convinced it was lichen simplex Chronicus and a yeast infection might of triggered the non stop itching (a yeast infection i had a YEAR AGO though!:(
I had mentioned the biopsy but she said ''lets try these ointments first and then we will see''.
Im tired of these dam ointments she even prescribed me anti depressants to take at night.
The ointment is called PROTOPIC OR Tacrolimus. It seemed to help A BIT but lately it just feel uncomfortable not sure if its the side effects (1st week of using it about to go on 2nd week).After looking online i found 2 girls who had the same problem NON STOP itching and used protopic and the itch vanished so i had some hope it would work for me. But now i dont,know im ready to throw the towel if this doesnt work i dont know what to do anymore
wish i could get hit by a train this is so depressing! just want my life back
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