K (cupkate13) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pull Out Method + Nuvaring


My boyfriend and I are in a long term monogmous relationship and have decided to ditch the condoms, I'm on my second nuvaring (I used to be on the pill and we would use condoms, but I wasn't very good at taking them on time). I have a few questions/concerns and was hoping someonen could help out.

1) Is there sperm in pre-cum? He tends to produce a lot and back in high school they told us that you could get pregnant from pre-cum which makes me a bit paranoid.

2) How effective would pulling out be with the nuvaring approx? He knows when he's going to go, but I know sometimes he squirts a bit.

I wanted to ask at the uni. health clinic but they stress condoms + birth control and won't entertain talking about just relying on the ring as a form of protection, and basically say you're not well protected if youre not using a rubber. :(

Thank you!
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