eleanory (eleanory) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vulval eczema

My daughter had a urinary infection four years ago and was given antibiotics. It seemed to persist so she was given several more courses of antibiotics. She developed thrush which cleared up but she was left with painful vulval eczema. She has seen a gynecologist twice and has tried all the cleansers, moisturisers and medicated creams they prescribed without improvement. She also followed their advice about cleansing and what kind of clothing to wear. She suffers from anxiety for which she refuses to take medication and the only painkiller she will take is paracetamol. She says it is getting worse and is currently trying both almond oil and coconut oil as well as an unscented, colour-free, organic moisturiser she finds helps her eczema prone skin elsewhere. She bathes the area twice a day with tepid water and cotton wool as the gynaecologist advised her. Please can anyone give me any advice as the pain keeps her awake at night? She is not sexually active - in fact she is a virgin. We live in the UK.
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