KarenOh (karenoh) wrote in vaginapagina,

any new non-hormonal BC options?

I had the Paragard years ago, but removed it because the increased bleeding was not worth it while I was not in a relationship which required birth control.

Now, I find myself investigating my birth control options again.

I'm on spironalactone for hormonal/cystic acne, so my cycle seems somewhat irregular.

I am trying Yaz but I suspect it is making me super emotional. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any chance the negative mood effects of Yaz will taper off over time?

I am concerned that many charting-based methods that I've used as backup in the past (say, with withdrawal as well) will not be as reliable due to the spironalactone side effects and coming off of birth control. The standard days method (cyclebeads) was a reliable backup for me for years, but now my cycle is irregular. This is part of why I went back on the pill again, but now I find myself super emotional -- a reminder of why I stopped taking it before.

I could get another Paragard, but I hated how much I bled at night. I often bled through the sheets.

Any other secret non-hormonal birth control options out there, or words of encouragement?

I also live closer to Canada now, so I'm wondering if perhaps I could get a smaller copper IUD in Canada.

Finally, I know it is not FDA approved, but has anyone here ever used Wild Carrot Seed?
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