Candice (owlgardens) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missed dose of antibiotic

Hey everyone!

I'm hoping you can help with some advise! On July 3, I started to develop what turns out to be an infection in my eyelid. On July 8, I got in to see my doctor and he prescribed a 10 day course of Amoxicillan/Clavulanic Acid to treat it. I have to take 1 pill twice a day and I started that evening. I've been taking it well up to now, taking it with my breakfast and dinner.

Well, yesterday, I was in a rush to leave to go out to dinner and forgot my pills. And then just forgot to take the second pill of the day. I just remembered this morning. How should I handle this? I can't just take it now because I have to take this morning's pill soon. I have 8 pills left when I should have 7. Should I just keep on my schedule? I would consult the paperwork that came with the pills but I'm like 99% certain it was tossed with last week's recycling. :/ I hope you all can help and thanks in advance!
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