Wolfsjunges (driftwoodwings) wrote in vaginapagina,

Oh shi-- blood after masturbating~

Hey Superstars.

31 FAAB, FTM,- on T for 4 years (bloody hell) male pronouns. Not worried about what you call my junk its my vagina it does vagina things.

tw for BLOOD.

I have been on one of my faux periods for a bit now. I did see a doctor about them and she's not worried. Bodies do strange things and some weeks I forget my shot because 9__6. I will set reminders once my new phone is fixed but that's not really the ISSUE.

The ISSUE IS. I was kinda spotting earlier this week? Or last week? Some point. I masturbated with a vibrator with penetration and there was some pain afterwards. I talked to a bio-female friend about it, she was talking how sometimes when she has sex with her bf right before or after her period it really hurts afterwards and we discussed this is a normal thing because we both were sore for the same reasons...?

A few days pass and I used a new vibrator I have been waiting to bust open (or BUST ME OPEN har har) and I bled, a lot, I had to clean myself off. It looked like a nose bleed. It seemed to stop after I cleaned up but I wanted to know if this was normal..? It was bigger than anything else that has ever been inside me before so.
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