K (cupkate13) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nuvaring Question: Late insertation


I started the nuvaring last month on June 11th and I inserted it at 10:15pm. I took it out on July 2nd at 10:15 pm on the dot. I was supposed to insert it tonight (July 9th) at the same time but didn't get home in time. I inserted it at 10:36 pm instead.

I have two questions because I inserted it late:

(1) am I still protected or do I need to wait 7days? How does this impact the rings efficiency for the month? (Assuming this isn't perfect use because iwas late, how protected am I?)

(2) because I was late, does my removal time and insertation time now change? Since it was at 10:15 pm and I inserted it at 10:36 pm, is my new removal time 10:36 pm three weeks from now and new insertation time 10:36 pm a week from removal?

Sorry about the long questions. I don't know too much about this method of birth control since I was on the pill for years and couldn't find any information about what to do if I was late to insert besides put it in anyways.

Thanks so much!

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