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lack of libido/wetness/labia discomfort


I'm reaching out here because internet searches have yielded little to no help about my specific issue(s) and I'm hoping I can connect with people who understand my language when describing my current situation.

(some background)
About a year ago I had sudden onset pain at the very beginning of my menstruation cycle, nothing like I had experienced before. We're talking wrenching, sweating, panting, screaming pain that usually lasted 10 minutes to an hour. The first time it happened I didn't really take too much of it, until it happened again, a month later at the first sign of my cycle. Then I made the connection. Unfortunately for him, this time my (then) fiancé was present and felt totally helpless, as I rocked back and forth, sweating and in intense abdominal pain. I made an appointment with a doctor ASAP. After several visits including pelvic/abdominal ultrasounds, bloodworm, etc. It became clear that I had sizable cysts on one ovary, and she sent me to a specialist (oncologist) to determine if these should be removed. This specialist was great, he was not convinced based on my age, health history, and family history that these were a) cancerous b) requiring surgical removal.
He put me on Gliddess (sp?), birth control, and followed up a month later with an ultrasound, and then 6 months later with an ultrasound. In this time the cysts have gone away, and he wants me to stay on BC as it helps prevent the formation of these sizable cysts, and obviously the pain that comes along with.

In that time however, I've noticed over the last couple months that my sex drive has gone down SIGNIFICANTLY. I don't feel the desire to have sex, and when I am faced with it I have overwhelming guilt about my lack of sex drive (does not help, I know). It's weird because in my mind, I crave sex, but my body doesn't follow suit. I'm finding in addition to the lack of libido, difficulty getting wet and labia discomfort. By this I do not mean pain, the word pain insinuates (at least to me) that it's intolerable and/or hurts. What I'm experiencing isn't hurt. It's discomfort, it just feels strange. I can't really describe it. When my husband touches me in ways that used to bring me pleasure, now it just feels uncomfortable and/or annoying. I know the word annoying is a weird verbiage but that's what it feels like. It's almost like a sensation of overstimulation?

I'm concerned that the birth control could be responsible for these symptoms. Yet, I haven't necessarily had success finding other people with these specific complaints. I know lack of sex drive and discomfort comes in all shapes and sizes so to speak but it would make me feel a lot better to have some sort of support here. After a year of struggles to determine what was initially going wrong, and now not dealing with those awful bouts of pain, I am now faced with another set of issues. I'm still young, and my husband and I have an active sex life despite this, but I don't participate as much as I want to. And I don't initiate as often because I know it will be difficult for me. I don't like that. I feel absent because of these symptoms.

My husband and I are planning on beginning our journey towards pregnancy sometime next year. And I'd like to enjoy that journey sexually (before during and after!) So, I'll have to come off the birth control eventually anyhow. I'm making an appointment for later in the month with a local, female, obgyn that I'm hoping I can discuss all this with in detail. The doctor that sent me to the specialist is my primary caregiver, who happens to also perform pap smears, etc but I'm not happy with that set up. I'm hoping the new Dr. will be able to help me understand what's going on here.

In the meantime, have any of y'all experienced similar situations? Any suggestions? resources?

Many thanks in advance.
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