a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Endometriosis and clots

I was diagnosed with endometriosis a few years ago, had the cysts on both ovaries removed, did one lupron injection, was too miserable to do it again. I have another cyst that could be an endometrioma, or could just be a cyst. It's been there for a couple of years now, doesn't grow or change much, full of fluid and probably some blood.

I am having an insane period right now. I have no idea how many pads I'd theoretically be soaking because whenever I pass a clot (which is nonstop at this point), I book it to the bathroom because I can't stand messy pads and don't want to change every single time. I'm used to heavy periods; I only use overnight pads because that's the only way I can get away with changing just a few times a day. But this is just 48 nonstop hours, moving into the wee hours of the third day, of clots and incessant heavy bleeding. I'm constantly napping, though my energy is mostly fine when I'm awake. (I'm dealing with some pretty significant depression right now and being awake isn't my favorite thing, so I lie around in bed even when I'm not tired.) Otherwise I feel fine, just crampy.

I know clots and heavy bleeding aren't uncommon with endometriosis. But at what point do you go "huh, this isn't right?" Because this is really ridiculous.

I was just at the GYN recently, for bloating and, ironically, because my periods had been completely clot-free and with only bright-colored blood, when I'm used to dark blood and clots. (Everything went back to my normal after the appointment. Of course.) All looked fine except for the aforementioned cyst, which isn't any different than it has been. No new cysts, no fibroids, if my endometrium looked too thick he didn't mention it. (Someone I know was just diagnosed with endometrial cancer with similar symptoms to mine, so that's on my mind.)

And if it's pointless to go back to the doctor about this because I seemed to check out okay a couple of months ago, is there anything I can do about this? The clots are really unpleasant to pass and I've got one every ten minutes that needs dealing with.

Anyone out there with similar issues caused by endo? Besides surgery and birth control, did anything help? For that matter, am I being reasonable in guessing that this is endo-related and not something else entirely?
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