Rachel. (lovediscomfort) wrote in vaginapagina,

miconazole vs tioconazole for YI?

Hey there. I have a mild yeast infection kicking in right now, and I want to get rid of it before it gets worse, especially because I am going out of town this weekend with my boyfriend. So I figured I would try a 1 day treatment. I have the 1 day Miconazole at home, but after reading horrible review "s I decided to go buy the 1 day Tioconazole... but I'm still really nervous.

I've read online it tends to only burn terribly when one has BV and not yeast, but I am 99% sure I have yeast (the 1% being the absence of a test...). I get them frequently because I am on long term antibiotics, and they always start out the same way. I've had BV once or twice and it was also really stinky and hit me really quickly. I'm just scared to have that horrible burning reaction!

Anyway, I'm trying to decide if I should use the ticonazole. I've read the burning is less frequent with this one as opposed to the Miconazole.

If I take it tonight, how long should I wait to have sex? Three days? Does it stay up in your vagina for awhile? I've NEVER used one of these for yeast before, I always use the pill, but my doctor only prescribes it sparingly because it's hard on your system. But I really need relief, and I need quick relief!

Any advice would be much appreciated :)
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