jade2896 (jade2896) wrote in vaginapagina,

HELP IM loosing hope! vagina itch for a year

you guys im seriously loosing hope, im so sad. I just cant stress it enough ,Like i mentioned before i got my first yeast infection a year ago around this time, they gave me the pill but the itch still remained its now a year LATER.Recently i got a bad rash on my anus and vulva, and they found yeast on my skin although my Gyno didnt assure me, that the yeast would be the problem, she gave me diflucan for seven days and anti fungal cream for my vulva, the rash seems to get better but im still itchy like i was before im really loosing hope ive read online that many women have this chronic itch i dont know what to do anymore, i have a follow up with my Gyno in july but she also gave me a Q-tip in case ''i was still itchy'', which i am so that mean im going to need to do that, i would need to do the swab test myself and drop it off to the lab so she can check if still have yeast in my vulva, im going to need to tell her that i want a biopsy done i hope its not eczema ( I wear cotton underwear , loose clothing , changed laundry detergents , i dont wash my vagina with soap either) this is very frustrating please help
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