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~All we are is dust in the wind, dude~

Need some opinions!!

Okay so about a month and a half ago I began using Norform deodorant suppositories just to try them out, which I think was a huge mistake now. HUGE mistake. About maybe 3 weeks after I started using them, I noticed I had this excessive mucousy discharge with white bits in it every day that I didn't remember having before. I stopped using them immediately. I started believing it was a yeast infection because I read some posts by other Norform users online who said it caused them to develop a yeast infection. I went to the store and bought the 7 day Monistat, and I used that for the full 7 days. It didn't end up helping. So now what? I did some research based on what my discharge looked like and from everything I've read it seemed to me it's cervical mucus. I thought, well maybe it will ease up during the next couple weeks, so I stopped worrying... and it hasn't eased or stopped. Somehow I ended up here. The thing I'm worried about is, before I used Norforms I didn't have this much discharge. My mom seems to think my vagina is flushing out all the remnants of the Norform usage but I have a hard time believing that. It just doesn't seem likely to me, but what do I know? I'm still having this mucousy discharge everyday and some days its more than others. I know it's not normal for me so I did make a gyno appt. My appt is not until the 7th of July and I'm still nervous thinking about what it could be. I mean could it still be some sort of yeast infection that the Monistat couldn't take care of? Some of it is yellow but looks white on my fingers. Real mucousy but not curdy like yeast infection discharge- which I had many years ago. Sometimes it's also really slippery and stretchy which I know can be normal. Another thing that causes me distress is I had recently had sex with my boyfriend since this all started. We did use condoms, but if it's a yeast/thrush infection of some sort that still gets me paranoid about possibly passing some it to him- even with condom usage. Call me extremely paranoid LOL.

So anyway, I just wanted some thoughts on this while waiting for my gyno appt. Not having anymore sex until after that just to be safe. I will never be using sprays, deodorants or anything of the sort again. Trush? BV? I have no idea at this point.

Thanks guys!
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