jade2896 (jade2896) wrote in vaginapagina,

itchy vulva and anus /red rash HELP

Hi there, i had my first yeast infection last year around this time of year.I got treated with the pill,but i still felt itch on my vulva along with my anus.I kept going back to my Gyno and all they kept giving me was ointments like for eczema, (since they kept doing yeast tests and didnt find anything inside)the ointments didnt really work and a year later (TODAY) im still itchy and it drives me nuts. I recently got a bad rash on my vulva and anus, i went to a specialist and she did a swab on the outside of my vulva and found that i had yeast on the skin, Today was my last day on medication (took diflucan for 7 days), but im still feeling discomfort.My question is, can yeast live on skin for a year (vulva/anus) ? and if not treated could it get worse?.My Gyno didnt assure me that the itch would go away she said it could be ''linchen simplex'' a type of eczema on my private parts but i hope its just yeast and it goes away ugh
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