chloe977 (chloe977) wrote in vaginapagina,

Think I have BV + PID worries!

Hello everyone, for the past three months I've been trying to treat what I thought was a yeast infection but to no avail as nothing I used worked. I've tried a number of different anti-fungal creams for yeast infections and I also took a diflucan pill. Since nothing is working I'm thinking that maybe it's not a yeast infection but BV? I have the watery grey/white discharge and quite a lot off it but I don't have a fishy odour, is it possible to have BV without the odour?

Anyway, the other day I started to feel abdominal pains and I feel very tender when I go to the toilet, sometimes it burns. Since, it's been three months I'm starting to worry as I've heard that untreated BV can cause PID. I'm not sure if I'm just jumping to conclusions but I'm really worried about this.

I'm also not sexually active and have not been involved in any intimate contact so I don't think it's a STD/STI of any sort. I've booked a doctors appointment for next week but I'm not sure if I should get one sooner after experiencing the abdominal pains.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and could give me any advice? Thank you!
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