stubbynails09 (stubbynails09) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control Side Effect or HSV-2 Symptom?

Soooooo here's the deal.
I have herpes. I found out almost a year ago to the day and after finding out in my opinion I've only had one real outbreak. The first one which was accompanied by a few sores. Now, I think I'm having another outbreak. I'm experiencing pain in my perineum where there is a very small (but mighty) cut/sore and some discharge. I'm assuming the discharge is normal with a breakout but what's freaking me out is that my urethral opening is swollen. It doesn't hurt, doesn't burn when I pee (unless it touches my perineum where the sore is) but I think it's changing colors. It was a purplish color and now it's back to pink but that could have been the lighting.
I also recently got the Nexplanon inserted about 2 weeks ago.
Soooo would my swollen urethral opening be a side effect of the birth control or a symptoms of my lovely herpes virus? &/Or should I make an appointment with my doc asap?
Thanks for the help!
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