annabanana5000 (annabanana5000) wrote in vaginapagina,

Will low cervix cause problems with sex?

Hi all,
I'm 19 and sexually active for the first time, but have not had vaginal intercourse. I think I have a low cervix, as I use menstrual cups and need a shorter one and tend to have issues with my cervix getting in the way during insertion. I can reach it relatively easily, but it isn't like immediately near the opening. My boyfriend can feel it when he fingers me, which I think means it's still sort of low when I'm aroused (granted, he's 6'8" and has massive hands and long fingers, so..) I've suddenly become sort of worried that it's going to get in the way during sex, and either make it painful for me, or less satisfying for him if he can't get all the way in (he's 6.5 inches) It's causing me a lot of anxiety about the first time, and now I'm just worried our anatomies just won't even work out!
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