imkayemthrfkr (imkayemthrfkr) wrote in vaginapagina,

Starting to Worry

I posted a couple of days ago here and got some really good results but now something has changed and I'm starting to worry a little. To recap, on both sides of the opening of my vagina there were red rashy patches that itched badly which has occurred for about a week and a half. The itchy has for the most part waned but I still itch. Today I took a look and my opening is red and swollen, and while the rash has subsided a bit, there are a couple of little blister-like things. Not a lot of them but three or four of them just under the opening. I'm also feeling raw or stingy down there but that could be from the scratching I've had to do. Yesterday there was a kind white dusty substance, but not copious amounts of it. I'm going to doctor I was just hoping someone might recognize this and let me know if I should be worried or if I can remain calm. For now, I'm worried. I'm not sexually active and I never have been so I don't see how this could be an STI or STD. And to my knowledge there has been no change in my laundry habits such as new detergent. I'm also habitually clean so uncleanliness is not an issue. Thanks in advance.
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