descent2madness (descent2madness) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help Interpreting Thyroid Bloodwork

Hello Superstars!

I know this isn't exactly vagina-related, but y'all are just so gosh darn helpful I was hoping you could lend me a hand.

Long story short, I had my thyroid removed a month ago due to a suspicious nodule (which turned out to be benign...woohoo!) but now I want to get pregnant, surgeon says go for it, endo says wait. I don't want to wait! I went for some follow up blood work today because at last check I was still hypoparathyroid and stuck on high-dose calcium and calcitriol. I adjusted my lab req to add a partial thyroid panel (shh!). The results:

Free t4 - 25pmol/L (lab range 10-22)
TSH - 3.05mlU/L (lab range 0.5-5.0)

Now I know in first trimester TSH should be below 2.5, would it be safe to TTC during my next fertile window as long as I follow my endo's advice (take 1 extra synthroid pill 2x per week as soon as I get a positive result), so long as I go for BW immediately after? Or should I start taking an extra pill now, to push my TSH down further? My free T4 is high-ish, so I know my body is working on balancing everything out (right?) but I kind of want it to go faster (my next fertile window is the first week of July).
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