imkayemthrfkr (imkayemthrfkr) wrote in vaginapagina,

Little Help?

About a week ago I started having a really bad, almost burning itch on my vagina and I've been searching for answers. The itch has gotten slightly better, having now gone from all day persistent to sometimes but bad when itching. I finally took a mirror down there and flashlight to get a good view and noticed a red, bumpy, rashy couple of patches on the skin on both sides of the opening of my vagina. I did a little research and the closest thing i could find that looked similar was genital eczema, but I'm still not one hundred percent sure. Other than the odd rash and itching there have been no other symptoms like a discharge or an oozing. I do have the usual daily odorless and colorless discharge but that's normal and it's not changed at all since or before the weird thing happening. I'm not worried about it being an STD or STI because I'm currently not sexually active and never have been. If anyone could shed any light on this matter for me I'd be really grateful!
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