kiska_nirpaw (kiska_nirpaw) wrote in vaginapagina,

Need doctor recommendations: Detroit/Ann Arbor area

Hello, I was recommended to this community. I'm fairly new to the Detroit/Ann Arbor area and need to find a good gynecologist. I'm looking for recommendations.

A few things I need/want in a doctor:

-- Female (this is a MUST!)
-- Child-free friendly
-- Preferably in the Ann Arbor/Novi/Canton area of MI. I'm willing to go about 15-20 miles. I say Detroit area, but I'm actually closer to Ann Arbor. However, Farmington, Taylor, Romulous, Monroe, etc. are not out of the question.
-- Preferably someone gay/bi friendly. I'm not terribly open about being bisexual (in a straight relationship), but I'd rather not have a bunch of anti-gay propaganda shoved down my throat, either.

Thank you in advance. I read the doctor recommendation thread, but the only one for my area was a 4-year-old post and I can't find that doctor's name anywhere.
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