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Questions about what follows NuvaRing removal.

Hi there! Gonna try to make this as simple as possible.

I started the NuvaRing on April 1st as a temporary form of BC after my first IUD fell out of place. On the 22nd, at the end of my 3rd week, I decided to do the continuous method and put my new ring in that day instead of having a ring free week. I did not spot, I did not bleed at all.

The first three weeks weren't so bad. I noticed I was more emotional, I was having way more anxiety than usual (I suffer from anxiety disorders), and a few other things but it wasn't too extreme. I figured I was just adjusting. The night that I put the second ring in I started having SEVERE anxiety. Much more than usual. And for awhile I've been managing my anxiety and panic attacks pretty well, but that night I had a panic attack. I also started having headaches the same night I put that second ring in, and they persisted. I also had back pain, more exhaustion, bloating, weight gain, etc. I don't know why I thought the ring might work, I have had ZERO luck in my life with hormonal birth control.

I tried sticking it out but ended up taking it out this past Saturday. I last had unprotected (aside from the ring, of course) sex with my partner last Monday (not yesterday), and Planned Parenthood said I was okay to take it out on Saturday. So I did. I also developed a yeast infection about a week ago, and I felt the ring/not getting a period (my last period ended up April 22nd) was contributing to that. When I was on the shot and didn't bleed/spot at all I would get frequent YI's.

Anyway, since taking it out, I've *seemed* to be PMSing. I'm incredibly bloated. I have awful gas/indigestion, as if I am actually on my period but just not bleeding. I've been super emotional these past two days, I'm breaking out super badly, I've had cramps off and on the past two days... but I still haven't started bleeding. I felt this way actually when I was on the shot and hadn't bled in a few months (which was a really, really awful experience). Like, terrible stomach issues. Horrible gas, just feeling like I had a rock in my stomach. I imagine I will start bleeding soon, BUT WHEN?! I don't want to bleed next week too much, since I'm going on vacation, and I also DON'T WANT TO FEEL LIKE THIS ANYMORE. The past few days have been hell. I hate hormones.

On Friday I am getting my second IUD. I had an appointment last week, kind of a pre-insertion appointment and they tested me for pregnancy but they didn't call me back or anything, so I'm assuming I'm *NOT* pregnant. Or else they would call and say we couldn't go through with the insertion. It's just nerve wracking though, I guess. When I was on the shot I was constantly worried I was pregnant because I had no period to reassure me that I wasn't. And now, it's been so long that I've bled, that I can't help but be paranoid.

What are other people's experiences with coming off of the NuvaRing? Does all of this sound normal? Should I be concerned I haven't started bleeding yet? I know I was only on it for a month and a half, but I'm extremely sensitive to hormones! Thanks for listening :)
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