eonmydc (eonmydc) wrote in vaginapagina,

Skipping period question

First of all - I'm posting this for a friend of mine who is afraid to ask these questions. She made the decision to skip her (2 day) period for an out of state trip and is in a bit of bloody trouble right now.

If you lovely ladies could answer some questions/provide some insight it would be greatly appreciated.

She wanted to skip her period due to the nature of her trip. Here's what happened...

- Instead of taking the placebo pills, she went right into the active pills.
- Realized she was running out before her prescription could be filled, so she skipped a week.
- Took active pills for a week, nothing for the second week.
- Heavy period started on first week of not taking active pills.

What do you ladies suggest she do now? Let the period run its course, take the active pills, what? I personally use Paragard so I've got no advice. I did, however, promise to help a girl out by asking for advice from you knowledgable ladies. What did she do and what's the next plan?
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