naked_beauty_21 (naked_beauty_21) wrote in vaginapagina,

Random question about testosterone?

Hey everyone,

I just found out my brother in law and father in law are taking testosterone suppliments. I'm not sure in what form (shot or gel) but I'm going to try to tactfully find out. The reason I'm concerned is because I'm 14 weeks pregnant and i know contact with testosterone gel is a big no no. And we swim in the in-laws pool all summer. My concern is the possibility of the gel washing off in the fairly small pool and being on me. Also, both of these guys are very sweaty men and I'd be concerned with them sweating off their gel and getting it on others, either by sweat running down their arms or just seeping through their clothes. We're a very huggy family, lol, so i could potentially come in contact with it that way, or by sitting somewhere where they have sat. Are these valid concerns or am I just showing my pregnancy-over-reacting side? Like i said, they may be getting shots so this may all be invalid.

Thanks for any input!
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