o_so_sexual (o_so_sexual) wrote in vaginapagina,

chlamydia or UTI?

ugh here it goes....

So I was diagnosed with chlamydia in Sept - took my antibiotics and got re-tested with everything coming back fine.

Fast forward to now....
I have had a lot of sex with a few partners over the last couple of weeks - ALWAYS with condoms (that wasn't the case before and that is why I contracted it in the first place) and I feel like the symptoms are coming back...

The unfortunate thing is the symptoms that I experienced with chlamydia back in September feel exactly the same as they do for a UTI. Burning at the end of unrination, strong smell with first pee in the morning, urge to pee often, a pressure at the end of urination. Exactly how I felt when I had chlamydia...

Obviously the easy answer would be to go get tested, but I am in France at the moment, and I am not familiar with the whole process of finding a cheap clinic to take these simple tests. If that is what I will have to do then I will, but I guess what I am looking for in some reassurance or maybe someone who has had a similar experience??

BUT what I guess my real question is: How likely am I to get chlamydia if I have had protected sex with all of my partners?

I have a mild chase of hypochondria so obviously this situation is manifesting itself into something quickly....(lol, but not really)

Thanks for any feedback in advance! 
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