Erin (engravers) wrote in vaginapagina,

2 week long period?!

Hi all,

So about three years ago I went on Seasonique (withdrawal bleed every 3 months). I stayed on it for 2 years. When I stopped taking it in January of 2014, I continued to only get my period every 3 months. To this day I get my period every 3 months and I am no longer on any kind of birth control. I told my doctor about this and he didn't seem concerned, said it takes a while to get regulated again.

My periods before birth control were normal, like clock work. They used to be 4 or 5 days but after I got off the birth control, it turned into 7 or 8 days with worse cramps and an extra day or two of heavy bleeding. Nothing unbearable.

Well this time it's been totally different. My period arrived after 3 months, on May 21st to be exact, as usual and I'm not sure if it matters but I had sex with my husband (we are monogamous) probably about a week or so before. I started out spotting for 3-4 days. Then I started bleeding normally. It's been around 12 days since the steady bleeding started. Not heavily, just a steady flow. I've noticed I get lots of clots a few times a day as well. I have not cramped even once. I have no pelvic discomfort or pain of any kind. I don't even feel like I'm on my period until I stand up and, well, you know. I have literally zero symptoms that I know of, no nausea or vomiting or anything, just a ridiculously long period that doesn't seem like it's planning on stopping any time soon.

I did get a physical shortly before this started and they said my levels were all fine.

Does anyone have any insight on this? I'm planning on going to a doctor as soon as I can, but I just wanted to hear what you all think so I don't spend the weekend freaking out. Is it possible that this is just my body trying to regulate itself? I'm just concerned because I haven't cramped or had that "period" feeling at all.

Halpppp :(
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