moralxdilemma (moralxdilemma) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mystery irritation

The area between my urethral opening and vaginal opening is swollen and irritated.  I'm not even sure what the name for this area is.  Other than the swelling, my symptoms remind me a lot of a regular uti.  However, I'm testing negative for that.  This happened to me back in April.  I went to my doctor and was slut-shamed (I made the mistake of telling them I am polyamourous and have mulitple partners.)  I was tested for stis, which all came back negative.  Then I was told to take antibiotics for Chlamydia and Gonnorhea despite the negative results.  I took the meds, hoping that then my doctors would then look for other causes.  The meds gave me a yeast infection.  My doctors decided my tests were obviously faulty and refused to do anything else but retest me for stis.  Still negative.  I gave up trying to get help for the problem and it eventually went away.

But now it's back and I don't know what to do.

-irritation and swelling of that meaty pad thing between the urethra and vagina.  It's the only body part affected.  (If you know the name of this area, I'd love to know!)
-not hormonally triggered as both episodes occurred at different parts of my cycle.
-no smell or discharge
-not a uti or sti

I'd love any advice on what this might be or even just advice on how to get my doctors to get over my sex life enough to take me seriously.   
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