cdp2842 (cdp2842) wrote in vaginapagina,

Genital Herpes or recurring yeast infection?

So let me start by saying that I have no idea how likely it is that I have genital herpes since I've only ever been with my current boyfriend and I know for a fact that he hasn't cheated on me, but I'm still paranoid. For the past two months during low estrogen parts of my cycle (such as immediately after ovulation and right before my period), I've been getting these cracks where my labia majora and minora meet. It's always on the left side, and it only itches in that one spot. The cracks burn and it hurts to pee, but they heal whenever I use trimicilone (doubt that is spelled right) 1%, which my doctor gave to me when I had a really bad yeast infection back in February. I think my boyfriend may have gotten it in his mouth because ever since I had that yeast infection, his tongue has looked exactly like it has oral thrush (white and fuzzy). Is it possible that a yeast infection can go away and keep coming back like this? What worries me is that when these cracks appear, my left hip will feel warm to the touch, which I know can be a sign of herpes. My boyfriend has never shown any symptoms of genital or oral herpes, and I had oral herpes as a kid but I don't think I've had an outbreak in years. My OBGYN won't give me the herpes blood test because she believes that these cracks are just yeast or stress related, and even said to me, "If you had herpes, you'd know. You'd have blisters." I've been watching this journal for awhile now and decided to post here because y'all seem to be knowledgable about stuff like this :) These cracks have never scabbed over or anything, and always go away after I use the ointment she gave me back in february. Would trimicinolone work on a herpes outbreak? Sorry this post is so scattered!
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