tinyroses72 (tinyroses72) wrote in vaginapagina,

ovarian cyst burst?

hello all-
during the day yesterday i felt sensitivity/pain in my lower abdomen which is usually a warning that my ovarian cysts are acting up and ill be in some pain. usually it goes away, i dont take BC or anything to help control them. that night my boyfriend and I had sex, but during it i felt really sharp pain and we had to stop. i almost couldnt move/walk, my lower abdom. hurt so bad. i layed on the bed and took advil for 20 min, then got into a hot bath. i felt alot better, but now this morning i still feel pain. it almost feels like the cyst pain AND a gas pain at the same time if possible.... also if this has anything to do with it, i did feel air trapped inside me during sex so the combo of the cysts and air inside me really was hurting me. im a little worred though, i still feel very bloated. could the cyst have popped/should i have gone to my dr.??
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