Neffiline (neffiline) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sensitive clit/vagina?


I have a history of yeast infection and BV. Both and/or either have been happening once in a while since last September.

Last month I saw my doctor because of vaginal discharge and itching. She prescribed me with anti-biotics for BV and yeast infection. She told me to take the BV meds but not the yeast meds. She instructed I keep the yeast meds as back up in case the symptoms persist or come back since often yeast is best friends with BV. The symptoms went away.

I had my period 2 weeks ago. No new symptoms, everything is fine for a week. Last Saturday, I have sex with my boyfriend but we have to stop because penetration is painful. It burns. The following day my vagina is still burning slightly, but on the 2nd day after that, it's gone.

Now since this Monday, my clitoris has been SUPER sensitive. I'm sitting here and I can feel it bothering me. I have no itching, my vagina is normal color and there are no discharge. I know that the sensitiveness can be symptom of yeast infection, so I took the back up yeast prescription I got from my doctor yesterday (Tuesday) morning. But there hasn't been any improvement since. I can definitely feel like the entrance of my vagina is also sensitive.

I took a bath of warm water with baking soda last night. This has helped me get rid of BV and yeast symptoms in the past. But still no improvement.

I've been going to my doctors every 2 months since September for BV and yeast. But never once did I feel discomfort when it came down to my clitoris.

My boyfriend and I have both been tested for STI/STD and we have both received negative results. I'm on OBC, have been for 10 years.

What's going on now? Should I be looking into/experiencing something else?

Everytime it feels like my sex life is finally returning to normal, something else comes up. I just want my vagina and life to return to normal. I never had this many problems in my life before. This is driving me crazy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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