nameofmisery (nameofmisery) wrote in vaginapagina,

STD Worry

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years. We were not working out for various reasons, so I decided to break it off instead of dragging it along longer.

I wasn't sure how I felt about the breakup, but then I found out that sometime during our relationship, he cheated on me and had sex with another girl. I found this out from multiple other people, and although I don't have too much information on it (I don't know if I want more, honestly), I know it was 'a while ago'- I'm thinking at least six months ago.

I'm slightly worried about STDs. We didn't use condoms during our relationship, and I don't think he used any with this person - he doesn't like them. I can't be sure, though, so I'm going to get tested soon. I haven't noticed any symptoms, but it would make sense to get tested anyway because I can't be sure until I get testing done.

If anyone could give me some information on how to get tested (we don't have a Planned Parenthood in my state, ND) and what happens when I do that, that would be useful.

Honestly, the fact that he cheated on me has made me feel really worthless, and I don't really know how to bring my self-esteem back up, so if anyone feels like sending me some good vibes, I'd appreciate that.

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