seguesandwich (seguesandwich) wrote in vaginapagina,

Getting Nexplanon 4 days into a pack of HBC pills, when does Nexplanon become effective?

And when do I stop the pills?


I started my pack of Marlissa (levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol) 28 day birth control pills on Sunday, May 10.

On Wednesday May 13, 4 days into the pack, I got my Nexplanon hormonal birth control implant in my arm.

One doc recommended finishing out the Marlissa pack.

One doc said I'd be covered (contraception-wise) two weeks later, and to discontinue the pack 2 weeks after the Nexplanon insertion date.

Another doc said I'd absolutely positively be safe one week after the Nexplanon insertion dat.e

Anyone here have any advice? :) I'm very confused. Thanks in advance.

(To make matters worse, I finally went on Nexplanon in the first place because my HBC was affected negatively by taking Topamax, and that was complicated by also taking Methotrexate, which will likely cause birth defects if a pregnancy occurs.) ( )
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