C-chan (kurainokoori) wrote in vaginapagina,

Narrow hymen

I'm a bisexual cis woman who is definitely more attracted to the ladies and haven't had sex with a man. Since I'm currently in a relationship with my right hand,  this isn't really a major issue. Just an issue, because it's limiting.

I've been to my obstetrician today and while it was ultimately about the pill, she ended up examining me for an issue I've noticed over the past year or two: I can penetrate myself with only one finger. Two fingers hurt really, really bad. My dildo/vibrator just isn't an option.

What she discovered was that my hymen is slightly narrow, and I could probably take care of it myself, but surgery might be an option. If it hasn't resolved itself by fall, I might have to call her and schedule surgery.

I was wondering if any of you VP:ers have experienced this and could give me advice on how to solve this with the minimum amount of pain?

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