amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lumps Associated with UTI..??

Hey guys!!

So I have a question..I have been getting frequent UTI's and that isnt really a problem for me since I do get them a bit thru out the year but wat I'm noticing is that the last couple of times I've had a UTI, I've also had a few bumps come up on my right arm pit. I was told that this might be part of the infection I'm experiencing with my UTI, just causing my lymphnodes to swell up. I tried to do some research of my own and I did find one page that someone said they had lumps in their arm pit when they had UTI's. But nothing much else. What do ya'll think?? I've tried to change my razor and cut back on shaving bc I thought all I was doin was irritating I'm not so sure..Any info would be greatly appreciated, thnx :) 
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