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BV again... questions about boric acid & metronidazole

Hi VP'ers -
Just left the doctor's office in tears due to yet another case of BV. Did 5 days of metrogel in February (really felt like 10 days of "treatment" because of the disgusting discharge that lingered) and felt great afterwards, but have been having irritation and suspicious discharge after my most recent period. Doctor said I was just meeting the threshold for 20% clue cells in the swab she took.

She has prescribed 2 weeks of boric acid suppositories nightly, followed by a week of metronidazole. I would do metrogel again but I'll have my period at that time and so she said oral is better than vaginal medication during menstruation.

I'm really panicking because I have a romantic getaway planned with my boyfriend in 4 weeks, and so I REALLY want this cleared up and don't want any yeast issues to follow the antibiotic. Have some questions for you brave people who have dealt with this thing before:

- What can I expect with the boric acid in terms of discharge, side effects, etc? I don't really know what I'm in for...
- Can I have sex while using the acid (like, at night before inserting a capsule)? My doctor said it wasn't recommended but I'm curious if anyone here has thoughts on this. I'm really upset by the idea of not being able to have sex for 2 more weeks.
- The metronidazole sounds like it has bad side effects and I'm dreading taking it. Has anyone had success taking probiotics to prevent yeast and digestive issues? When do I take the probiotics (before or after the antibiotic)? I was given a diflucan to take to prevent a yeast infection and I pray to god it works because I've been susceptible to them in the past. :(

Thanks for the help - I'm extremely upset and depressed about this, and it helps to know many of you have been through it before.
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